Design Changes

Over the few years that I’ve been a design professional, it’s been crazy just looking back at how far the design community has grown. So, it started making me think a lot about where my passion fully lies and what I want to do exactly. Here’s the breakdown. So prior to tablets, I’ve always wanted to be a web designer. I did both development & designs, but today things have evolved incredibly.

So, I’m trying to figure out what I fully love and the reasons why I love it. This post might just be a ramble, but it’s gonna clear up my head.

Okay, why do I love front end development?
First answer is that I love seeing my designs interact. Adding CSS animations and making something static work.
It’s practical, its useful and can prevent stress. Example, creating a JPG with text on it when you can simply use a stylesheet. It’s user friendly and easier to update system text versus a flattened image that needs to be resaved and uploaded.
I enjoy working in grids & numbers, even though I am a creative, I find structure important and if I were to deal with free-minded people all day, it would drive is semi cray.
Front-end development can be imported into several apps, so it’s versatile.
Open source, endless possibilities. Great communities, but confusing nonetheless rewarding.

Why do I love designing?
Design is fun, inspiring and comes from the heart + intuition. There is no right, there is no wrong. Design with rules or break the rules, it doesn’t matter.
Trends, trends, trends! Who doesn’t love design trends?
There is always room for improvement and nothing is ever complete.
It’s an outlet to expression. Without words, with words, semiotics and universal. Switching colors and immediately change the message, and something so subtle can change everything.

I’m stuck inbetween (or am I? I can do both) however should I focus my time on one thing and mastering it or do two things and mastering nothing at all.

Outside reasons that shouldn’t matter that do matter. Money.
Do I want to develop and make more cash or design, do what I want and feel good, but live a non-lavishing lifestyle?

I think what it comes down to now is, figuring out what I am as a person, before I can move forward in career choices. Is money that important to me? Is doing what I love more important and living from paycheck to paycheck worth it?

Of course you’ll get people telling you not to do it for the money, it’s never worth it. But, ultimately that’s my decision.

Happy New Year 2014!

After coming back from Disney, I haven’t been doing much. Since work really took a toll of me during the last two months (Black Friday Sales & Christmas/After Christmas), I’ve pretty much been in hermit mode. Thanksgiving was fun, I spent it at my grandparents place as usual. I bought a salad & even though that sounds pretty lame, it took a while to make. Christmas creeped up on me this year, I had my sister for Secret Santa so I bought a Marc Jacobs wallet for her. I hope she liked it, but then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t care for it because I didn’t have enough time to shop.

Yesterday I planned a New Years dinner in the city at a restaurant called Cask Bar & Grill. Over dinner I thought about how long I’ve known these people and some friendships were over 12 years long & it odd to say that because it doesn’t even feel that way. I received some gifts that were totally un-expected and was really surprised. Made my day.

I got to see some faces I haven’t seen in a while which was nice.

Since it’s December & pretty much a new year, I needed to close up a few issues that I’ve had & feel a lot better about that. I’ve met a ton of new people & doing extremely well career wise and I can’t wait to be a home owner.

I was also able to see my college roommate for a few yesterday. We met up at the MET, barely got to see any paintings but we both updated each other on our lives. Overall I’m wishing everyone a good New Year and positivity all round. 2014 is the year of the horse in the Chinese Zodiac. Hope things will be even better in 2014!!!

Anyway, I’m going to head out to do some after Christmas shopping & dinner plans at 6:30 with my friend Amanda who actually had a gallery showing recently. Her work was pretty interesting, so glad I was able to attend her opening reception.

Speaking of galleries, I waited like 6 hours to see the infinity room on the last day. I was the 17th to last person to enter, couldn’t be more blessed. Hope everyone has a happy holiday! Best wishes.

Back home

My 8 day vacation in Disney was magical.

I finally got the full Disney experience with my madre, madre in law, and my sister’s family. Although it was fun, talk about exhausting. When I say exhausting, I mean spending time in the parks until like 2AM.

Don’t really want to go into details about each day since there were so many events, but all talk about some highlights. When I first got into the Art of Animation hotel, we stopped in front of the Nemo pool & that pool is no joke. My nephew was having a blast in the pool, jumping off the ledges, and attacking the sprinklers… As I dove into the pool, I realized that they had music under water. As if the outside music wasn’t good enough, there were additional speakers under water. It’s a nice detail which I loved. I think it even made me swim longer.

Anyway, another highlight was Mickey’s not so scary Halloween. This was the best because I came back with a ton of candy (no joke) Disney does not skimp out on candy, however it was an additional 50 dollars on top of admission. Since we are going on an off season, there weren’t a ton of kids because they were in school. By 11PM, the park is mainly filled with adults which means no lines!

I went on my favorite tower of terror ride 3 times in a row, I really love that ride. The ride is in the dark, and they switched up the free falls.

Outside of Disney, we also made a few stops in Universal Studios. I personally loved the Harry Potter ride, however my mom didn’t love it as much. For the first time in my life, I wasn’t able to finish the Butterbeer. Usually I can chug that without a problem, however, I think this time around, it was a lot sweeter. The frozen one is the best.

Mid way during our vacation we switched Disney property and went to Old Key West resorts and I think I loved that even more because it was so spacious. The homes were based off the gingerbread look, so everything was super cozy. I would advise everyone to stay there if possible and in addition, you can take a ferry ride to downtown Disney that is exclusive to that resort villa.

Florida is never a disappointment, had a good time.

I have work in a few hours, but nonetheless, hope everyone had a happy belated Halloween!


Hey everyone!

Blogging via ipad once again, it seems like everytime I’m laying in my bed, I tend to think a lot and feel the need to blog. Last night I spoke to my roommate about a few serious stuff and it kind of made me sad, but one thing I took out of that conversation was to simply move on. Augus and Julia Stone’s Big Jet Plane is playing right now, (sorry) I like this song too much not to mention it. You know how some songs trigger certian memories that you want to avoid (The XX, Best Coast), but you just can’t stop listening to it because its so good? I hate that feeling…

Anyway, I don’t know if I mentioned this in my last post, but I finished reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed and it was pretty good. I wouldnt say it was amazing, but I took something out of it. I learned that once you hit rock bottom, you pretty much need to move forward and move on. Even when things aren’t fair, like death… time won’t stop for anyone.

I started a new book called Carry On Warrior, it’s basically a story about a woman who had a crazy past with drugs and then had an accidential pregnancy which changed her life for the better. I feel like some people dont learn until something drastic happens to them. I haven’t finished it, but mid way into the book, the woman finds God and now shes a God freak, which is okay. As long as shes doing something good. Right?

Okay, enough of the sad stories. This past weekend I went to Six Flags for freight fest and it was pretty amazing. This was my first experience at Freight Fest, and Thank God because if I went at and earlier stage in my life, I would probably freak. Anyway, it was super duper fun and I would love to go again. I also love riding in the car, eating at pit stops and buying goods from vending machines there. I’m weird, I get it. Moving forward, I recorded myself riding on a rollercoaster. The video is hilarious, gets me everytime.

I’m leaving for Disney in a few and can not wait to spend some time with my nephews for Halloween. One thing I love about seeing young children is their experience, the newness to things and predictions of how they’ll turn out in the future. My sister had spoke with me via text today to see if I would like to join them for the trick or treating in Disney,mhowever the fee is 50 dollars so I am not entirely sure. I should go though, money shouldn’t be a factor when spending time with loved ones.

This upcoming week I will be apple picking with my friends and on Sunday, I believe I have brunch plans at this glasshouse place called Isola which, from what I heard, has magnificent decor. I will be apple picking at my college town and I want to pick up a college sweater since I never got the chance to purchase one after college graduation.

Jumping a few weeks back, I want to rejog my memory on my birthday! So, I hadna total of 3 celebrations and counting. The first celebration was planned by my co-workers, the second was a family dinner at the usual French spot in times square and lastly the third party was planned by my college friends. Let talk about the college friends party since itnwas quite humiliating.

My party was supposed to begin at 6:30 but instead I got there an hour late because I had work to finish up on. It kind of sad how work take a toll on your life, but I couldnt simply leave without finishing everything. The resturant that I was supposed to go to was called Upstate, but because it was so packed and because it was like a 2 hour wait, we ended up going to a Peruvian place which I loved. It was a nice low key Friday night in the East village, just what I wouldve imagine. I’m just blessed with such great people in my life.

Afterwards, I went bar hopping and I think I stopped into about 6 bars that night, then things got hazy. My friend Howard had a friend named Ed who kept feeding me shots after shots, I didn’t even know him however I did buy him crabcake pizza from Artichoke pizza and stole a diet Pepsi for the lad. Towards the end of the night we realized one of the girls lost her purse with her wallet, keys.. Basically her entire life. It was a buzz kill to the party, but we all looked after one another and tried searching for it. Like anything in NYC, once you drop something, expect it to never be found.

What a long post, I’m calling it a night. Night!


Today I went to work feeling really joyful due to my natural awakening and the uplifting weather. It was a nice breezy Monday, not too sunny, but to too cloudy either. It’s one of those days where you are willingly able to get out of bed and having that luxury of getting ready at your own pace.

Perhaps I felt quite angry the night before simply because I didn’t want my lazy days to end. What I had expected to be dreadful, wasn’t that dreadful at all. It was actually, a normal Monday.

However, by the end of the night I felt sad for various reasons.

It’s a light sad feeling, almost a good sad feeling, like I needed this to balance out all my happiness. I’m sad not because of work related tasks, but because I feel that the world is unfair to individuals who don’t deserve it.

I feel that I can’t be a super hero for those that I want to protect. Well, I guess I can, however I will be putting more effort into someone else instead of myself and I’m a firm believer of the proverb:

Don’t help others if you can’t help yourself.

So for once, I’m taking my own advice.

Today I came home, went on Facebook and recieved a ton of notification. To my surpise, it wasn’t Candy Crush notifications, but it was from my inbox.

The first line went something like “SURPRISE!!!” Then I kinda stopped reading because I had to finish attending to this e-mail that I had written midway. So by the time I got back to my facebook, I was less excited than I had been before because I had already conjoured a ton of ideas and the predictable was predicted.

It was a surprise birthday party!

I felt really greatful and happy. It was semi-expected but at the same time totally un-expected since I forgot about my big day. Well, of course I didn’t forget, but at the same time, I wasn’t counting down the days like my 11 year old self.

My friends had planned a seafood dinner in the city, somewhere along the upper east. I’m again, really greatful and my heart is kinda sinking, but the excited sinking. The feeling where you feel like everyone has to take time out of their busy schedule to be with you, but you really dont want them to, but at the same time you realize that it’s only once a year.

So, as I read the first few lines and saw the invite list I started having that feeling where I’m at the peak of a fall on a rollercoaster, but it has not dropped yet and you’re on a cliffhanger which feels like its about to last for eternity. Anyway, I still have this feeling in my system.

I quickly sent an e-mail to my family telling them the recent news and that my birthday agenda is fully booked and that I need to re-schedule. I hope 2013 will be a good birthday. Almost a quarter life away, but not quite.

Happy early birthday to me, it’s been hell living with myself, but I’m still here.


Blogging via ipad!

So as you may or may not have noticed, I put all my past post on private because I feel like I need to start fresh. Now that college is over & I’m a big kid, it’s time for me to create this new chapter where I’m not supposed to look back. So yeah, not looking back.

I’ve been MIA for a while because I needed to focus on myself. You know when some people come into your life and they want out once things get bad? That’s what I call a part time friend and those should be eliminated immediately! Probably the best & worst thing that can happen to you.

Over the past month or so, I read this teenager, young adult novel called A Fault in Our Stars. It made me remember that life is too short, so whatever insecurities you have, get over it before it’s too late. I’m not dying of cancer or anything, but you’ll never know. I mean, I could get hit by a car tomorrow and not fulfill any of my goals in life.

Woah, Zero 7 is playing now… Just had a Garden State movie scene flashback. Anyway.

I’m almost done reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed. So far, the book is pretty good. The mother in the story dies then her whole world changes and she hikes the PCT and meets tons of people along the way. If I hit rock bottom, I would do the same. However, I haven’t gotten to that point.

Last week I went to Maryland and had a ton of seafood. Oysters, crab, crabcake & more crabcake. Sometime I kind of wish I could live this sailor lifestyle where I dock boats and work as a busboy, cleaning the cafe. I also have this obsession of being an islander, working at the local surfboard rental shop. Cowabunga, hang loose! But no, I’m up at 12AM in the city that never sleeps, dreading to go in at 9AM. I’m sure many adults feel this way, so I’ll get used to it.

Today I had brunch with my friend after a visit at the health clinic. We went to 5 Points down in Soho. I had Salmon Egg Benedict with this grapefruit cocktail that got me quite buzzed. Had a few laughs, then went down Greenwich Village where we got tea at Presstea.

Presstea is basically this tea shop where you choose your tea, flavor and brew style. So I intially got chai with peach, however the lady said that would be gross so I ended up getting what she suggested. I took my first gulp and realized that the drink that she made for me tasted normal and I could’ve probably got the same tasing tea at Whole Foods or something. Whatever I got tasted like Runa’s tea. I’m not sure what my opinion is on this situation, but that’s how it went. You can decide how I felt.

After that, I got dressed and went to watch Annie on Broadway. The show was good, I knew all the songs with the exception of the ones that were exclusive for the show. I grew up watching Annie & it’s just one of those things I never got to see live as a child. Similar to Cats on Broadway… I grew up watching it on TV, but never saw it live. Thank Goodness Annie came back on Broadway though.

The art deco and great depression was an awesome time. Trying to uplift the everyday lives of citizens after the stock market crashed. I love the dark style, the glamore and middle class hardworkers in the steel industry. Then you have the futurist extreme people that are like today’s Apple nerds that want to shape the future lifestyle. I feel like this is one of my favorite periods because it leads up to the whole mid century 1950s ‘Jetson-esque’ vibe. Mid-century is simply my favorite style because it is. I mean, have you seen thr furniture in Mad Men??? Simply awesome.

The lavendar scent on my bed is making me sleepy, night ya’ll. I’ll talk about the incense that I purchased this weekened in my next post.