Client Meetings

In August of 2015, I found myself assigned to a project that I thought was interesting. I was told when an opportunity comes, take it and go from there. However, as the task unfolded, I felt afraid. The sad thing is that it took me four months to get over a fear that should’ve been resolved in a matter of days.

Last week I really maximized the task at hand and needed to face my fears of meeting my client and discussing all my questions that I did not know the answers to. It was literally a 6 hour session of understanding an extremely complicated process, but I became a happier person that day.

Moving forward, I realized that it is okay to not know what to do and figure it out along the way. No matter how much of a fool you may appear to be, it’s time to put the ego aside.

More to Learn

I have found that writing is slightly difficult than it was. I am more paranoid than ever and it’s due to the fear of being judged—this lifelong emotion that gradually developed. I would like to overcome that.

The last time I had written was two years ago when I had started my job at Bloomingdale’s and so much has changed. I’ve received a promotion and said so many goodbyes to co-workers that I’ve truly bonded with. It’s sad to see people leave, but I’ve learned that some things are better off. I am happy for their bold moves and decisions that had lead to their fulfillment.

A life lesson that I found to be helpful in these recent months is that, if something is meant to be, it will happen.

There have been recent additions to my family, two little ones that I am always so excited to see. I absolutely enjoy watching my nephews grow and develop their unique personalities. My guidance will always been there when needed, however I’d like them to always choose their own decisions.

This past Christmas was a generous one filled with Star Wars, Jake the Pirate, Ralph Lauren Polos and North Face jackets. There truly is a gift of giving and it was definitely present at my grandparents.

My friend Samantha and I also traveled to the Dominican Republic and it was quite the adventure! Driving in a foreign country for the first time and an almost life-threatening experience is not to be forgotten. To be specific, we experienced: driving with the emergency break on, backing into a fence & almost totaling the car at an intersection. She had smuggled some drugs in the airport claiming that “it would save our friendship” and I am still laughing about it. During this time, we lived outside of our normal habitat and witnessed how hazardous a week of poor signaled Wifi could do. With the positive and negative days, I wouldn’t have done it any different.

Despite the happier times in life, there also been some hardships as well that I would rather not look back on. I’ll take it as a learning experience and move on. I am in a much better place right now and I’d like to thank the people that has gotten me there.